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The name comes from Torre - tower and vieja - old. The city is located on Mediterranean Sea, 50 kilometers from Alicante, 30-40 minutes way from Alicante and Murci airports by car. This is the place to fall in love, no matter where are you from. The coasts of this charming city are full of fishman boats, private yachts, motorboats which makes beautiful view and great vibe. Torrevieja has one of the biggest port of yachts on Mediterranean Sea which can have over 1500 boats.

In the city there is saline lagoon, active till now. From this special resorces there is an unique climate, acknoweledged by WHO as the one of the healthiest places in the world.

The special climate makes above 320 sunny days in year, winter in here is warm, temperature never fall down lower than 15 degrees, very rare rainfalls. In the summer the climate is kind, it's warm but not very hot what is guaranteed by gentle wind and warm sea. Because of that many foreigners decided to buy properties in this region which makes international climate, on every steet you can hear many languages from all over the world, you can find boutiques, restaurants like in Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Moscow or London.


Torrevieja it is not just the city, this is the way of life - joy, smile and possitive attitude is something what you see on every face in here. All of that makes unique climate, uncountable kilometers of beaches, streets full of life and vibe, warmth and the sun. When you live here you feel that summer never ends. Torrevieja lives 24 hours in 7 days, Without any problem we will find any clubs, pubs, locals which lives by night. For people who preferes more peaceful places Torrevieja gives to you many kilometers of boardwalks by the sea, perfect for long walks.

We can write so long about beaches, which are the biggest attraction - white sand, playgrounds for kids, football and tennis courts, showers, bars, restaurants... Calm, warm, clean water of Mediterranean Sea is perfectly made for taking baths, practise water sports like waterskis, diving or windsurfing. The city is marked by the Blue Flag because of the clean and well organised beaches.