Best-home Real Estate

How to buy

Costs includeed with buying properties:

-10% TAX from property
-3-4 % costs connected with solicitor, full legal care, excerpt from the Land and Mortgage Register, new contracts for water and electicity company

To buy property in Spain you need:

-Passport or ID
-NIE number ( identification number for foreigners ) - we will help you to get it in a few days
-Account in Spanish bank

If you need a mortgage, we are more than happy to help you! Here's the list of documents that we need:

-Passport and NIE number
-Bank statement for last 6 months
-Certificate of employment

Every documents must be transleted in english or spanish by sworn translator.
Costs included with cedit is about 3 % + pricing property about 350 Euro.

Procedure of purchase

1. PURCHASE IN SPAIN. Define what you are looking for! The first step of buying property in Spain will be to define your criteria and budget. You must be ready to give us their needs, so that we can prepare for them individually reconnaissance visit.

2. FIRST CONTACT. People choosing us because we live in Spain and we know the best how to make our customers happy. Our knowledge about the Spanish market is good enough to cope with your expectations. We are using both, our offer so as offer from our cooperators. Our wide experience of serving the best service for customers allows us to suit best for you.

3. WATCHING PROPERTY, OR VISIT EXPLORING. We will organize your reconnaissance visit in Spain, ranging from free airport pick-up, through assistance for accommodation. We will take you to all prepared by us properties that will fit your needs. We will explain exactly buying process, the amount of tax, any additional costs or the ability to obtain financing. We will be happy to spend as much time as you need to find the property which suits you with every aspect and we era always happy to answer any bothering you question.

4. PROPERTY RESERVATION. At the time when we can find a dream property for you that meets all the criteria and comprised the intended budget, we can make a preliminary contract of sale. This agreement contains all the data related to the property and agreed upon the final purchase price. Signing the agreement involves the payment of a deposit of usually 3,000 €, which is the same as the first instalment payment. The agreement is also a safety point both sides that talks about the fact that in case of cancellation of purchase, the buyer loses the down payment, and in the case of withdrawal seller is obliged to pay double the amount of the deposit to the buyer. Everything goes according to plan, the property is reserved and withdrawn from the market.

5. LEGAL FACTS. Cooperating with us lawyers check every property (extracts from the land registry if the property is registered in the name of the seller and that is free of any debt). Also change contracts for electricity, water, community and cadastral tax on the name of the new owner. Also prepare a full statement of costs. You should take into account the additional expense in the amount of 12-15% depending on property prices and the need to support the mortgage. At the same time 10% tax on real estate.

We will help you in obtaining the NIE number (Numero de Identyficación de Extranjería, or identification number for foreigners), which is essential when buying a property in Spain, as well as open account in a Spanish bank.

6. COSTS. IVA (VAT) and ATP (purchase tax) on all real estate (primary market or secondary) are the same and is 10% of property value. Legal fees depending on the property value ranging from 1% to 2%. Notary fees ( preparation of the deed and sign it before a notary) and land registration is about 1,500 €.

7.EXCHANGE OF CONTRACTS. The culmination of the work of lawyers and notary is meeting the seller's and buyer (or their proxies) at a local notary. Two sides must sign the contracts or their proxies to. Than you will receive the keys to your new property in sunny Spain.

8. AFTER-SALES SERVICE. We provide a wide range of after-sales services. We always double check is everything on order. We also happy to help you with any other bothering you things.

Buying a property for holiday rentals - how to choose?

Every year millions of tourists choose Spain as a destination of their dream and long-awaited vacation! Where do they stay? People are increasingly opting for apartments or houses where they can feel at ease throughout their stay without having to worry at predetermined times meals or other rules in force in the hotels. So what kind of apartments or houses vacationers looking for ? Of course it depense a number of factors, including the abundance of their wallet, but there are a few conditions that for almost every of them need to be met first:

1. Distance from accommodation to the beach

2. Accommodation with a swimming pool and relaxing area for kids

3. Proximity of Tapas bars, restaurants, golf clubs. This could be all what you need when you coming to Spain for your holiday.

It is known, however, that each person is different. They tend to be people who do not care about proximity to the sea, and prefer peace and quiet. Choose the village away from the coast as, for example, with breathtaking views or rent entire villas with private pools, while planning to stay in a larger group.

Nevertheless, in order to facilitate your search hundreds of offers, we collected the ones that according to our experience will be the best for the future rent. There we stuck rigidly to the above-mentioned conditions, because, as mentioned, each person is different and looking for something different. We chose the offer in a variety of price ranges so that everyone can find something for themselves.