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13 Jan 2015

Invest in Spanish property, whether now is the right time? In fact, every day someone asks us a question. 

In our view, if some of the biggest investors in the world are putting their money just to Spain, why would not you also do it?

Late last year, Microsoft boss Bill Gates used his private investment fund Cascade Investments to invest € 108 million in the Spanish construction company FFC (Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas), but he is not the only one! George Soros, Warren Buffett or John Paulson pertaining huge success, the giant hedge fund invested last year in the Spanish real estate market.

The head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, believes that the Spanish economy is returning back to health and has already turned the corner from economic growth provided for 2014 - 0.9% to 1% in 2015. These are small steps, yes, but financial guru in making investment decisions put further on Spain. There are already a lot of new building programs. Just look at our website or facebook to see a whole lot of new development investments on the coast of Spain. Prices start to improve, and increase the number of transactions over the past few years is definitive.

The Costa Blanca region, we are dealing with real estate prices are 30% lower than the top of the "boom" from five years ago, although the drop in prices depends on the type and location of the property. However, the prices are low compared to other European countries, enabling their inhabitants a good financial opportunity to invest in Spanish real estate and the joy of owning a beautiful house or apartment in sunny Spain.

In the past, when it was not so. "Crazy" to buy property in Spain, it happened that the transaction was not carried out properly or there were different negligence. At the moment, however, it's almost non-existent. Investors are now better informed and more cautious, and over every transaction we are specialists. It is a buyers market, and they are flocking mainly from northern Europe, Scandinavians, Belgians, French, Germans, but also British, Irish, Russians or Chinese and of course, more and more Poles, what great satisfaction :-), decide to buy his second home was in Spain.

The reason for investment in the region of Costa Blanca, and not, for example in Barcelona or Madrid is primarily a much lower price, but wonderful climate, easy and cheap flight connections with the ports of Alicante and Murcia and the quality of the local real estate. Times are changing and smaller investors are smart! They want to enjoy with their investment! There is no point in wasting time watching the real estate size "box of shoes" on the Costa del Sol, when for the same price they can become owners of sizeable villa on the southern Costa Blanca.

The progress is remarkable, which is why we all expect to buy real estate should do it in the three years before it's too late! Do not miss your chance!

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