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11 Feb 2015

February is the month of carnival, which is pompously celebrated throughout Spain. During these winter days, the last before the advent of Lent, the period preceding Holy Week, almost everything is allowed. Lack of moderation, humor, parody and joy fill the streets of Spanish villages and towns. Because of their originality, beauty and pageantry, you can not skip the carnival in Cadiz, neither in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Both of these events were considered tourist attractions of international importance and fully afford it deserved.

Colorful parade passing through the main streets of any city in Spain attract a lot of people!

We also recommend how best carnival in Torrevieja! The colorful procession through the streets of the city will be held on Saturday February 14 starting at 22. We join map of the parade route for those interested:

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