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Is coming, long weekend, the so-called puente!

7 Oct 2015
Is coming, long weekend, the so-called puente!

Perhaps not everyone knows, but getting close two important holidays. October 9th in the Valencian Community (ie in Valencia, but also in the provinces of Alicante and Castellon) and 12 October in Spain. It should be taken into account that in the days of these will be closed banks, public institutions and most shops and on roads and highways may be under increased traffic.

But what is a holidays at all? Below is some information on this topic:

On 9 October is celebrated the Feast of the Valencian Community, or Día de la Comunidad Valenciana. The historical roots of this festival dates back 1,238 years, when the city won the King of Aragon James I of Aragon and Valencia freed from the domination of Muslims. Celebrations rely on residents to march together with the flag valence of the Office of the City of the statue of James I, where they are folded flowers and the national anthem is sung Valencia. In addition to the official program on city streets you can meet numerous parades, among others, Christians and Muslims, whether traditional costumes walencjańskich.

Not everyone knows that October 9 is also a celebration of love in the Valencia region, which día de Sant Donís. A typical custom of this day is giving to women by men of marzipan sweets called Mocadorà. Every year, thousands of confectioners walencjańscy prepare the marzipan figurines. It is interesting that the preparations consume 70.000 kg of marzipan, to prepare about 200,000 Mocadoràs, which later presented her lover.

On 12 October is celebrated the National Day of Spain, known as Día de la Hispanidad, the term Hispanidad is used to refer to people, countries and communities that share the Spanish language, and their culture is associated with Spain. The idea of Hispanidad is partly linked to the arrival of the first Spaniards to America led by Christopher Columbus, October 12, 1492. The celebrations include a traditional military parade with the participation of the king, the royal family, as well as representatives of all branches of government.

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