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Semana Santa or Easter in Spanish

22 Mar 2016
Semana Santa or Easter in Spanish

Holy Week holidays approaching big step and therefore we decided to bring you closer, as are celebrated differently in Spain. Semana Santa, or just the celebration of Holy Week, the most famous in Seville, Murcia and Malaga. Whoever decides to spend Easter in one of these towns, certainly will not be disappointed. Wielkotygodniowym processions accompanying emotions, smells and sounds will be taken for a long time in memory.

The celebration of Holy Week (Semana Santa) is a fascinating spectacle, where each day hundreds of thousands of people attending. The city then wander the colorful processions. They prepare them brotherhoods (cofradías), which put on the platforms (pasos) life-size sculpture of Christ and the Virgin Mary. The participants of the procession are dressed long robes and pointed hoods penitents (nazarenos) and men (costaleros), who carry on their shoulders enormous pasos. The presented figures, and even entire biblical scenes, are often true works of art. The heaviest weigh several tons, and their length reaches up to 4 m. Processions begin at noon on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and ends on Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resureccion). In all their travels during the week several dozen - each must reach the cathedral. Shortest procession takes several hours, and the longest until a dozen. The most famous of them go out in the night from Thursday to Friday. Despite the late hour, they presented in a procession figures gather in cities crowds of the faithful and tourists. Many processions accompanied by brass bands. Others move in complete silence, which was interrupted once in a while saetas, or spontaneously sung mournful songs in the style of flamenco.

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