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Safe real estate purchase

26 Aug 2019
Safe real estate purchase

Buying property is a serious, life decision, whether it will be a property for permanent living or just for holidays or as an investment.

Most buyers wonder if the purchase of the advertiser or directly from the owner. Here are some important issues in favor of this, to entrust this task to an intermediary:

• Safety first and foremost. When buying property through a real estate agency we are confident the deal. In any case, a person is comprehensively informed about the stages of the proceedings in order to settle the issue of legal ownership, as well as receive expert advice and service given by the intermediary.

• FORMAL MATTERS. Buying a property is associated with sorting out a number of formal issues, such as opening an account in a Spanish bank, manufacturing identification number for foreigners (NIE), entry in the land registers or rewriting the media. This requires not only a lot of time, but knowledge is not to mention the language. When buying a property with a broker, we are sure that all formal issues will be quickly and efficiently "buttoned up the last button"

• MARKET KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. Starting with the search for the real estate we look at a lot of web portals. Everyone has in its offer thousands of properties ... after a few hours appears confused, and a wide selection in various towns and districts quickly beyond us. So you should take it to a professional real estate office where the broker after obtaining the relevant information from the start the search. Real Estate Agents, based on his many years of experience, developed contacts, access to additional databases, and by knowing the market well aware of where and how to look. Realtor will send you via e-mail offer tailored to your needs. If you decide to watch, prepare a plan and will arrange meetings on specific days and times. Also remember that the broker has a lot of knowledge not only about the property, but the surrounding area.

• FEE, seemingly the only minus, which speaks for the purchase of real estate without the involvement of the office. In Spain, however, the commission pays the seller of the property. This gives tremendous comfort for the buyer and allows for putting you in the hands of professionals!

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